Find other instructions for the new membership site here.

Forum structure

The forum is structured in several parts:

  • The home page of the forums which shows all the Forums. These are divided into Car Related, Rootes Related Events, General Interest and TEAE Club
  • Each FORUM is divided into TOPICS
    Topics are threads started by a member on a specific topic (DUH!)
  • You can start a new topic ( a question, something you want to sell, etc) by scrolling to the bottom of the TOPICS page in the appropriate FORUM
    • Fill in the block Create New Topic in “something”
    • Then fill in the title and the body of the post.
      Add tags that seem useful and click the link Notify me of follow-up replies via email

You can get to the Forum from your Profile page, explained below. Or you can click on the Forum link in the top navigation on the site.

You do not need to be logged in to READ the Forum, but you do need to be logged in to POST in the Forum.

Please note: You may not be able to edit a post you made before the site was moved.
If you need to make a change, please send a note to the webmaster for help.

From your Profile

The Forums link (1 at right) will show your presence in the Forum.

Clicking n that link will show

  • Topics you started
  • or replied to,
  • topics you are subscribed to,
  • and topics you might have called “Favorite.”

You subscribe to a Topic (like For Sale) and you Favorite a specific thread (one person’s question or posting)

Interacting with existing posts

If you reply to a post, you can and should click the box Notify me of follow-up replies via email at the bottom of the reply box.

Posts added SINCE THE SWITCH TO THE NEW FORUM can be edited by clicking on the Edit button shown below in red
You can reply to the Post by clicking on the Reply button shown in purple below