Don Arrowood
Don Arrowood “restoring” a JAL # with the edge of a 2 X 4 so it would be legible.

Thanks to Don Arrowood, a former Sunbeam owner who was looking for Mekur parts, this collection of 36 Sunbeams plus parts is available for sale! 

The cache is the result of a TEAE member’s passion for all things Sunbeam. His son wants to honor his father’s passing years ago by offering it to Sunbeam enthusiasts before using

Don and Tiger Tom visited the site and took these quick photos.

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The owner prefers to remain anonymous along with the location of these until arrangement of vehicle sales are made. The vehicles are located about 2 hours west of Washington, D.C.

With noted exceptions, vehicles are to be sold as a lot and removed by end of this summer. Most cars, except as noted, are in poor condition (very rusty) because of decades of weathering outside in fields. Most have been picked apart for items and are, at best, parts cars. Most have titles.

Lots are identified as Alpine Roadsters, 69 Alpines/Arrows, Tigers, and Miscellaneous Parts which include: many hardtops, most missing some hardware. There is a significant amount of loose piece bumpers, hardtops, hoods, trunk lids, and transmissions.

Four (4) Lot sales:

The exceptions to lot sales are as follows:
These will be sold separately, and are believed, at this writing, to have titles.

Interested buyers of the lots or individual vehicles must contact Chris to arrange a time to inspect and/or make offers.

No access without appointment!

Info/make offer: call 443-324-1775 or use this form