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      I have to do the dash of the Venezia with black wrinkle paint.
      In the past I did the side covers of the Tiger/Alpine seats and it worked fine.
      With the same Eastwood paint, I have troubles: some of it wrinkles, some of it stays solid. What do I do wrong?
      Temperature, spray distance, coat thickness?
      I surely layed on enough of the two layers as per instructions on the can. Frustrated, but it should look good at this prominent place.
      Any help appreciated.

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      Hi Robert
      I have had good luck with wrinkle paint by preheating the part with a heat gun or just lay it out in the sun until it is hot. Then put the paint on thick and it usually takes two coats. Then place back out in hot sun or in the wife’s oven if you can get away with that and set the oven for about 150 degrees or so-leave oven door propped open so fumes don’t accumulate. The heat will really make the wrinkle come out good. Did I mention it is probably best if your wife is not at home when you do this? Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

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      I just did some wrinkle painting today. Came out great. Eric is correct. You need warm parts. Also, and this is most important. at normal room ambient t conditions, allow about 5 to 10 minutes between heavy coats. AND each coating must be heavy. Almost to the point of running on vertical surfaces. The delay time is critical. as it is the shrinkage during the curing process between layers that makes the wrinkles.

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      Thanks, Eric and Tom,
      I’ll give it another try with preheat and more time in between coats.
      Only my wife’s oven is too small for a whole dash!

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