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      Hello All,
      I am looking for a wiring harness for my car and I don’t care about it being stock and wondered if any one out here in cyberland had any experiences with any aftermarket companies. Price and quality are issues.

      My Tiger had a Painless Wiring harness ( in it when I bought it, and I had no problems with it but I have seen other harnesses out there for a lot less money.

      EZ Wiring (
      It’s A Snap Wiring (

      (I also have seen a couple others out there but can’t recall their names right now)

      These both these companies above come in at around $100 less than Painless, I would spend the money if I needed to but I just don’t want to spend the extra money for a name.

      Also what should I look for for in a wiring harness?

      Thanks in advance for any advice,

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      Paul, I do not have experience with aftermarket harnesses. I always make my own harness and tailor it to the car. Most owners do not have the capability or electrical background to undertake such a venture. However I have see lots of cars with aftermarket harnesses. It seems to be a trend these days. I have yet to see any aftermarket harness that has lead lengths correct for the ideal fit regardless of brand. But I admit I am picky on this issue. All I have looked at had better connectors than Lucas and all appeared to have acceptable workmanship.

      I’d vote for the less expensive harness. If you have the ability to solder wires correctly and have some basic understanding of how to trace a wire to a specific point, you can fix any problems, should they arise. Perhaps some one has some specific issues to point out for a particular supplier. I do not.

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