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      Hi everyone – having an alignment problem with the windshield . On the passenger side the top of the vent window hits the windshield knocking out the door alignment . The drivers side is fine. No damage noted anywhere. Is ther a way to adjust nthe rake of the windshield so that the alignment on the pass. side lines up correctly ? thanks for the help – george

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      It can be adjusted, but first check to be sure the quarter window isn’t out of adjustment. Compare the angle of the window end to the door, are they the same on each door. If not the window tracks and quarter window can be adjusted from the rubber plugs on the bottom of the door, the track bottoms can move by loosening the small bolt head found when the plugs are removed.
      As for the windshield, Sunbeam Specialties sells a set of adjusting sleeves for the windshield frame. These allow you to adjust with the frame on the car. However, it needs to be removed in order to install them. Which isn’t so bad when you consider that adjusting it bu replacing the rubber shims under the corners also requires removing the frame. But working with shims can mean removing and replacing several times as you fine tune the fit. With the sleeves you can move it around with a socket and the door open without taking it on and off several times.

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      Thanks Mike – I know of the 2 bolts on each side at the door . Where are the others -under the dash? How difficult is it to remove the windshield. – thanks george

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      The windshield frames have several smaller studs along the bottom edge of the frame that you can reach from under the dash. There are a few more on the later cars versus the earlier cars if I remember. Not a fun job but not too bad. Then you can remove the entire windshield frame assembly from the car-but don’t be surprised to find rust under the frame! Good luck, Eric

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      One stud in the center of the frame, one on each side about in line with the center of the vents, and of course the 2 on each corner you’ve found already. The behind the dash ones can be difficult to see and reach due to everything in the way.

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      Some frames have five studs, some have seven. I don’t recall where in production the difference occurs.

      Fred Baum

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      We made Delrin shims,slotted, that can be slipped under the frame without removing the windshield.

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