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      I just replaced my old one with one from e-bay sale. I still am unable to get my wippers to work. A test lite shows that power is getting to the unit. Has any one had the same problem, or does any one have any ideas I might try out. Tony Malone (Series V)

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      I had a similar problem with my wipers. Be sure you have a good ground. These cars are finicky. That was my problem.
      Good Luck,

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      Bad ground would be my first guess also; you MAY have a bad armature in the motor (like having a bad armature in a starter — dead spot). Only way to get at the armature is (gulp!) to remove the assembly.
      Wayne (too many Alpines to list…)

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      Assuming you have connected the 3 wires correctly, and you have a good ground, the wiper rack may be binding or one of the wheelboxes may be seized. Unscrew the wiper rack from the motor and take it off the motor and then see if the motor works.

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      Electrical connections for wiper motors seem to defy normal wiring logic for most owners. That said, let s find out if you have electrical or mechanical problmes. Let’s determine the electrical integrity first.

      Disconnect the mechanical linkage from the wiper motor.

      1. Ground the wiper motor to the chassis of the car. Use a wire to connect the wiper case to chassis ground or simply hold the wiper motor case to clean chassis metal.

      2. Connect the green wire to 12+

      3. Connect the Brn/grn and the Red/Grn wire to Chassis ground. The wiper motor should run in slow speed.

      4. Remove one of the wires in #3. above (I forgot which one) from ground and the wiper motor should run faster.

      5. Removing both wires from #3. above, the motor should run on high until it "parks"

      Wired in #3 above will eventually be connected to your wiper control switch. Use the schematic in your shop manual to see which wire goes where. You do have a shop manual…Right??

      Mechanical problems are usually associated with the shaft on the wheel box seizing up. There were tech tips to solve that problem about a year ago in the RR.

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      Welcome back TT!
      Missed you around here…………….

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      I have been fighting the wiper motor issue for a while. Once I read your post, it all made sense. I went back with a fresh attitude and a better understanding of the logic. Apparently, what I missed (Among other things) when I wired the car was the fact that the switch itself also gets a ground wire. It’s always the little things that drive you nuts. God bless you, Tom. I guess it is time to re-visit the horns.

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