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      My once upon a time new windshield dstarted te delaminate. Our at the time friendly supplier (he still is friendly!) gave me a new one. Due to my procastination I just now some 5 years later wanted to install it. Well come to find out the “new” on (Made in S.Africa) started to delaminate, just by sitting in the garage!
      Have others experienced this problem??
      Where should I buy another? Will it last?

      Another question: the toggle switches, should up= on, down=off or just the reverse? Mine were up=off.
      Thanks, Robert

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      Hi Robert!
      I also have a new windshield that has been in the box for 6 years start to delaminate. I blamed it on the hot summers we have down here but I don’t know. The one on my car I got from CAT 15 years ago and it is also delaminating in the corners-and it also is from South Africa. I can help with the switches-up is off and down is on! Will you be bringing the Venezia to the United? Eric

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      Interesting your same experiences with the “windscreens”.

      The switches, I guess is whatever gets the most votes?? It seems there is NO common agreement. I’ll wait a little longer with my decision. I’m putting a new dash in, which I obtained a few years ago, with my now famous parts buy. An ex Sunbeamer, TT knows him, you might also Jerry Jamison?

      Venezia. It might be at the United, but with another owner, David Reina is buying the blue one. My “golden” one is maybe finished by next year.So it will be my Tijger.

      Btw we go next month with the Towles to the British car gathering at Prince Edwards Island. Hook up with the Batans in Halifax and the New England MG club.

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      UP = OFF wins, that’s what I’ll do.

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