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      Gene Sokolowski

        Hello again,

        I am in need of [ongoing] assistance. I am ready to install all of the parts that go into and on the doors.
        Hopefully someone had undertaken this project before and can give me some advice since I did not take all the parts off the door to begin with.

        After trying to visualize the process I going to put down the install sequence I think needs to be followed.
        1. Door lock and exterior handle.
        2. Rear glass channel.
        3. Front glass channel.
        4. Set window regulator in.
        5. Insert glass.
        6. Hook up bottom of window to window regulator slide.
        7. Attach regulator to door.
        8. Inner and outer seals (top edge of door).
        9. Front stationary widow frame.
        10. Door handle actuator rod.

        Getting the regulator into the inside of the door and then Inserting the glass onto the window regulator looks to be EXTREMELY challenging to me. Is there a trick or tricks to making this hookup without damaging the new paint on the car? I could sure use some good advice on this before I attempt the install.

        Thanks in advance for your help!

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        Put the door handles on first then the regulators,the rear glass channel, the anti rattle strip the clips for the outer seal (this can be installed after the glass is in) leave the front channel out insert the glass from the rear install , the front channel and the stop( that allows the window to slide forward)
        install the 1/4 window and the rear outer seal and your good to go ,also make sure to install the door latch at the same time as the handle.

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