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      I am putting the wind screen (Glass) on a tiger with a new rubber seal It is going ok but looking for advise from someone who has done this job before. Do ya put the rubber seal on the glass first or on the frame first then install the glass. Plus some advise on where to put sealants. Your comments are appreciated.

      Thanks. BW

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      I put the seal on the glass and then laid the whole assembly on the frame, centered it up and started on one corner with a small screwdriver working the rubber lip onto the windshield frame all the way around. That worked pretty well. Putting all the trim back on was the hardest part! I did not use any sealant. Eric

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      I use the old rope trick for windscreens.

      Yes put the rubber on the glass first (I would put sealant in the rubber first). Then put some sealant in the frame before fitting the glass/rubber.
      Get some string, and lay it in the rubber all the way round, make a slip knot so that it stays put. Then get someone to hold the screen in place and apply moderate pressure on it. Then from the other side, gradually pull the string out from one end to the other, so that it pulls the rubber lip over the frame. Hey presto!

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      The rope trick is definitely the best way to go about it. I first saw it done 20 years ago and have never done it any other way.

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      Bobby, you could try to hire the install done. Around here we have a glass company caller Harmon Glass. They will install glass for little money. If you want to do it yourself get the 1/4″ thick rope and have at it, I have done this successfully many times But, for a few bucks you can have experienced people get it done in no time. Good luck.

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