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      Hi folks,
      I just bought a 1964 series IV GT. It was being built by Bob Hagen before he passed away. It came with a rebuilt 1592cc short block, head(aluminum?), transmission, and valve cover. I am missing everything else for the engine. I have a chance to buy a 1965 series V donor car with a complete 1724cc engine. Will the engine accessories from the 1724 fit the 1592? I will need water pump and fan, thermostat housing, generator, oil pan, fuel pump, exhaust manifold, flywheel, clutch, and slave cylinder. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

      Mike Snyder

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        You can hybridise the 1600 and 1725 motors, but there are differences and there are things that are not a direct change.

        The heads will swap no issues and you can use the manifolds and carbs, but oil pumps will not be the same, and will not fit each others sumps without modification. Cams are different, and the tachs depending if they are cable or electric will determine which distributor you use (also cam)

        Waterpumps can be interchanged, the flywheel and clutch will dpend on spline count. 1725s used smaller flywheels and clutches with higher spline count.

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        Bob and Jean Webb

          series 4 cars had electric tachs so don’t worry about using a distributor with the cable drive.many series 5 cars had the ten spline clutch , so check your transmission to see which clutch you need.

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          The oil pan will fit, but you really don’t want to use it because the 1592 engine has the dipstick in a tube on the pan where the 1724 has it going through the block. So a 1724 pan on a 1592 block would mean no dipstick.

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          Thanks for the help. However,… I didn’t move fast enough and my parts car got away. Oh well. I will be posting in the parts wanted for a n engine and transmission soon.
          Mike Snyder

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