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      I know the 3.07 rear gearing is really a good improvement to the close ratio transmission, but I was wondering if anyone has tried to install a 3.07 rear gear with a wide ratio transmission. If so, what was it like? I wonder if it would be too much and if the standard 2.88 rear would be a better setup for the wide ratio transmission. Any input would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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      In my opinion,

      the 3.07 rear gear with a wide ratio transmission will improve drivability in city driving by making clutch ingagements easier at start-up.

      The 3.07 will add about 7% to the RPM on the highway, which is a negative.

      If you are going to road race or drage race. the narrow ratio transmission is the way to go.

      The best way to go is a T-5 five speed with either a 2.88 or 3.07 rear end.

      John Logan

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