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      Hello all. First I want to say this is not a post made in anger, resentment, or any other poorly intended frame of mind…I am honestly curious.
      I have a few posts running at the moment, three of which are questions. Between the three questions I see there are well over 100 views, yet there are only a hand full of replys. Why don’t you reply? I have used the search function before posting the question and did not find what I was asking, otherwise I would not have posted…so why so few replys. Let me know your ideas, experiences, and fixes that have worked for you. Your seemingly mundane idea may be something I never thought of, and vice versa. I understand if you think you may not be “qualified” to answer the question, especially if you are not a mechanic or restorer, but you do own one of these cars, so by virtue of use, you have SOME level of knowledge that is useful and therefore are qualified to give it a try. I am not begging you to answer my questions, or demanding either. I just find it odd, compared to the other forums I frequent, that so many will look but add nothing. Thanks for reading this and please let me know what you think. Have a great day. By the way, I got my Tiger tuned a little better yesterday and really stood on it for the first time. Modded 289 with stock tranny and rear end, running 195/50/15 Dunlops. From about 30-35 MPH, in a straight line, the tires went up in smoke through first, second, and I let out of it in third…I will be installing some sort of locking differential this winter for sure. The grin is still there by the way.

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      I’ll go out on a limb and try to answer your question, or at least give you my opinion (yes, I know).

      We live in a litigious society; basically, anybody can be sued for just about anything and who knows what a jury might do. If I recommend ULTRA GRIP UNOBTANIUM brake pads and you have a wreck, am I going to get a letter from your lawyer?

      A lot of people don’t respond because of what I call “snipers”. These are the people who wait for someone else to answer and then try to shoot them down. They are a minority, but they can be a real nuisance.

      I think the main factor is that this is a relatively “young” forum. It does not yet have a high volume of traffic and people have not had time to get comfortable with faceless strangers.

      Just my nickels worth.

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      I hadn’t really thought about folks being concerned about liability issues but I guess that could be a valid reason for some folks hiding in the shadows. I look at every post and reply only to those on which I have pesonal knowledge. I have lots of opinions and, except for this post, try to keep those to myself. I am frequently reluctant to offer suggestions for fear that one of the snipers will come back and make me look stupid. You are probably right, more folks should just throw their input into the mix. Give the Forum a chance. Unlike most of the users and their cars, the Forum is young and there will be growing pains.

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      Great, some replys, I am glad you guys chose to write. I hope others see this and come out of the shadows too. Barry, I would agree that society, in general, is VERY litiu…litego…litigiuo…they like to sue. As much as we try to stay “safe” from that kind of stuff I also like to interject one of my favorite sayings. “You can’t make anything everything proof, so have fun and be careful”. I was suprised to see the word “unobtanium” too, because other than my father, I am the only other person who seems to use that word. By the way, I tried the unobtanium brakes and they did not work well enough to justify the cost. Giving a suggestion, or opinion, over an internet forum hardly places you in a position to be liable for the outcome of an unsupervised individual that you are not responsible for…but then again O.J. did get off didn’t he. Anyway, I hope you are expressing a thought that occupies a very small portion in the back of your mind, rather than the driving force behind not posting info in an enthusiast forum.
      To Bud, and the point about “snipers”. The snipers get to remain only if we, the general public of this forum, allow them to remain. If, and when, a person snipes in an unwarranted, rude, or out of line manner, then the rest of us should try to inform the moderators who can remove them from the forum. We could also reply to the snipe in a polite manner and ask that they not do that in the future. The growing pains issue is also a good point and that can only be overcome if the forum users make this place something worth looking at, and spending time with. If a Sunbeam owner posts a question, but receives NO replys, for whatever reason, the Sunbeam owner will soon simply not return because there is NO reason to spend time here. When a person posts they are looking for some sort of interaction, be it opinion, fact, or simple discourse, they came here seeking like minds for a like hobby. If you are not certain about your answer, but you have an inclination to tell them what worked for you, or have an idea, just add that to your reply…”I am not sure this is the prescribed method, but this is what I did” This, at the very least, gives the original poster something to look at that justifies his original post, and that justifies his return to try again with another question or answer. Again, I want to thank you two for giving your thoughts and ideas about what might be keeping this place so reply free. We, the Sunbeam owners, are the reason this forum exists. We are also the reason it will succeed or fail. Thanks and have a great day.

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      Hi Dan and welcome to the Forum. This is a fairly new forum and the whole concept of a forum for TE/AE is new. Many of our members have been around for a long time and quite a few (no one seems to know the total) probably don’t even own a computer. Or of those that do, some have never been active on a forum before. I lurk around a few other forums (Minis, Sunbeam Alpines, Jaguar XKE’s, etc.) and most of them have several regulars that spend a lot of time there. That is fine but then the other extreme is one or two folks who seem to reply to every post out there and even get obnoxious with a new owner of a car who ask innocent questions that have been asked several times in the past. There is a LOT of knowledge out there and what makes a forum work is sharing what you may have learned the hard way in the past so a new owner does not make the same mistake you did. There are lots of benefits to being on this forum-finding a part you need so you can drive your car to a show the next week, meeting folks that live near you so you can join up at local shows or just hang out together talking cars. Some of my best friends are in car clubs and by being on a forum, you can make new friends all over the world. Anyway, thanks for bringing up this subject and I hope to meet you at a show sometime. Eric

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      I am not sure where the expression “unobtanium” originated. It may have been around for a long time, but that was the answer given by Mark Donahue in response to a question about what the frame of the Can-Am series Porsche 917-T10 was made from.

      That would have been about 1972, so it somewhat dates my interest in cars.

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      Barry, the term Unobtanium is great for many reasons. For me it explains that you really don’t know, or are willing to tell. It also lends a tongue-in-cheek feel to your conversation and keeps the situation light. I just like it because it can be used in about any situation, in any setting, with about any person. I do remember the Mark Donahue comment now that you mention it…but I am not really old enough to have lived that part of racing history. I could have been in the stands watching, but I was about 11 years away from driving at that point. Thanks and have a great day.

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      I was curious

      From … unobtanium

      unobtanium adj. describing a bike or accessory made from expensive, high-tech material. A play on “unobtainable” and “titanium.” n. a piece (of god knows what) that has come off from the inside of something else and rattles around, impossible to retrieve to stop the rattling. E.g. a piece of weld comes off of the inside of a bike frame.

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      Dan, your challenge is a valid one and a reflection of the present situation.

      As one of the older generation who has experienced the world of Beams I would love to share my experiences/opinions on all forum comments/queries. I have a sense of community that makes me want to share this knowledge for future generations. For those who know me, I am not bashful and usually have comments about anything technical. I also recognize that the newer generation of Beam owners “feel” dependent on the Internet and Forums as a means to network among fellow Beam owners. Us old timers only had meets or the phone to get our info and parts.

      Ideally the newer generation would certainly benefit with knowledge from the old timers. But as Eric noted I beleive, many, if not most, old timers are not Internet or forum savvy let alone own a computer. I am in the transition mode. Have a computer yet still depend on meets and events to “bond” with others. So guess I have the best of both worlds. Or do I? Not really cause I am not fully integrated into the Internet/Forum world.

      You see, I don’t have access to this stuff during my working hours like many if not most users. I have to take time from my day, actually late night, to sit down and access the Internet and forums. To be honest, I just can’t do this daily. Yet I’d love to. I am one of the lookers and if I had my druthers I’d answer’em all on the forum. Many of the comments I’d want to make require research on my part. Sadly I just can’t take the time. So I do not respond. If I can’t substantiate with facts I don’t comment. The reality is that with the Forum I am now afforded the opportunity to communicate with so many more people at any one time then in the “old days”.

      I certainly empathize with those on the forum who do not get a response. While I can’t respond to all forum queries, I do respond on occasion. If the problem is a high enough magnitude, I am always available by phone. (717-832-1116 leave phone #. I’ll call back). Less time will be spent on the phone, more info will be provided and new friends will be made. Or better yet, invest in the time to attend an event. It is amazing what leads are developed at an event. Owners are more willing to share that valuable knowledge or part if a fellow owner expends the effort to travel to a meet.

      Don’t become disenchanted with the forum . Keep asking questions. Someone will likely respond if it is a reasonable query. The questions are a catalyst for getting others involved.

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      I will admit, I was not aware of the relative new nature of this forum until this post. I figured I was coming into an already established situation and I am finding out differently. I also agree with you about attending meets. I like the get togethers but because I live basically 1000 miles away from most of your gatherings, this just is not something I can do on a whim, or for little money either. Nor can I do it on a regular basis, so a forum like this becomes MUCH more valuable than the once per year, or once every other year, event…no matter how good the event really is. You also mentioned that many Sunbeam owners may not have computers, or access to computers. As true as that may be I tried to direct my question at those who have access, proven by the number of “views” on a post. Those that do not have a computer will not log views in this forum, and by virtue of not logging views, do not become part of this question. I directed my question at those who read, but do not answer, nothing more, nothing less. I also tried to pose my question in such a manner as to invite an easy mindset. I do not intend to single out anyone, or chastise in any manner. I only want to ask, why no interaction, why no ideas, why no proven/failed attempts, why nothing. When I have posted a question that 80+ times it has been read, yet there are zero responses, I start to wonder what is going on. Did I ask a wrong question, was I rude, is this question too difficult/simple to garner a response, do people want to converse, or just read here…and the list goes on and on, mostly pointing the finger at myself as I am the FNG. This post has some good responses and that makes me feel better about the situation. So far I like the potential this forum has to offer and I hope it grows into something every Sunbeam owner comes to really use and appreciate. For now I will sit back and understand that we are waiting for a little more wind to fly our kite. Thanks and have a great day.

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      Your response is well spoken or written if you must be precise.I for one am in agreement in time usage.I do find these forums a delight as to the knowledge that exists in the sunbeam world.I also think that it is fortunate that there are so many newcomers to carry on what we have come to love and cherish in Sunbeaming.I do respond but only to what I may know and not to shoot someone down.
      I do like the forums as I only have the early morning to really enjoy them with my 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee.
      I must go as 2 of my granddaughters will be here in minutes and we go for our 5 to 6 mile bike ride.Then grandpa makes the waffles when we get back.
      8) Life is so sunny

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      Gee chuck, as ole timers we could have the forum covered like shift work. You do it in the morn shift before the grandkids hit, I do the midnight shift . The response would depend on which shift answers. 😉

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      Well now I must say that sounds just fine.Is it I can’t sleep in past 5.30 or so AM and you can’t sleep late at night?Is it old age or our past that keeps us awake?Who will then take the afternoon shift?

      Again these forums are super and I for one enjoy them.
      8) Big car show tommorow.Best thing is its only 3 miles from home at the local legion.This is the 6th annual.Steak and suds for all entrants.
      8) did i mention how sunny it is?

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      quote tigertoms:

      Gee chuck, as ole timers we could have the forum covered like shift work. You do it in the morn shift before the grandkids hit, I do the midnight shift . The response would depend on which shift answers. 😉

      Tom-Chuck – et al:

      Like many others who visit this forum I frequently read various topics but don’t often reply. I probably should. I don’t have near the knowledge or expertise that Tiger Tom, Chuck Ingram and others have accumulated over the years, but I have had some fair success in keeping my Sunbeams on the road. In the future I’ll offer what I can when I can.

      from sunny South Dakota – 110 degrees yesterday!


      ’67 Series V 5 speed
      ’65 Series IV automatic
      ’64 Tiger clone

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      Hi Paul
      At least you know how to report temperature.maybe you can take the afternoon shift?
      How is it going?It was hot today at the show.Wind at least kept the mosquitos away.Gave in an hour before it was over.
      8) sunny Manitoba

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      If its about drag racing you know I’ll throw in my 2 cents, on the other subjects I’ll do my best to help out, but my computer skills really suck.

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      FastTiger, do not let your “lack” of computer skills keep you from activity. I suffer from dyslexia so I need to be very careful about how I type, to the point of re-reading almost everything I write for simple double check purposes. This means I do not just klackity, klack on the keyboard and then move on. I concentrate on the typing, then concentrate on what I typed as I proof read, then concentrate on correcting what I messed up, then concentrate on proof reading once more…then I get to post.
      You bring many valuable things to the table based on the fact that you drag race your Tiger, and drag race it quickly to boot. I am sure you have tuned your engine, modified your suspension, wheels and tires, altered your fuel system, cooling system, and added some other little tweaks to make the package work well. This does not mean your car is a total custom, one off special, but you are not running a stock Tiger in the 10’s either. So, unless you have hired someone to do everything except drive the Tiger 1/4 mile at a time, I bet you have a wealth of knowledge about drag racing a fast Tiger. Thanks for the reply.

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      There are many of us who love these cars, but don’t have a lot of experience with stock configured vehicles. I personally will only comment on things I know something about, either from personal experience or what I may have studied. Many guys won’t give an opinion, not so much from fearing to appear dumb, but from not wanting to give information they aren’t sure of.

      I love reading the different posts, because I learn a lot from the guys that have lots more experience working on these cars. If someone has a different solution to a particular problem that we’ve tried to figure out, we learn to add that new information to our own bank of knowlege. I’m sure as time goes on, we’ll all loosen up and participate more fully.

      Jose 🙂

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      V6Jose, thanks for the reply. I agree with your statement. I also do not answer unless I have a pretty good idea about what I am talking about. If, however, I have a different method that has worked for me I will clearly add that disclaimer to my post. I think this forum will grow, as you said, with passing time and getting to know each other too. I just hope it does not take too long to happen. Have a great day.

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      Sometimes I wish I had the money to be able to have someone do all the work on my car and all I would do is just drive it.
      But the people who know me and have seen me working on the car, like at Bowling Ky. taking out the motor and reparing the trans and having it ready for 1st round the next morning. I have to do about everything from building the motors to setting up the rear end and installing the Auto Trans, some of it not very pretty but it seems to work, I just wish someone would volunteer to rewire the car because no matter how good I try make it look. It still looks like a rats nest, but it works.
      You would be very surpised how stock the car still looks.
      When I get time I will send the Retro Cars article and pics to the editor of TE/AE and maybe he can post it for me.

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      I’m (and Doug Jennings) restoring my first Tiger, MK1A to a high quality driver. Since I’m new at Tigers dumb statements don’t apply. I would use brake pads that wear out before they eat up the rotor. It’s easier to replace pads than rotors. Snipers welcome.

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      quote Bill Marras:

      I’m (and Doug Jennings) restoring my first Tiger, MK1A to a high quality driver. Since I’m new at Tigers dumb statements don’t apply. I would use brake pads that wear out before they eat up the rotor. It’s easier to replace pads than rotors. Snipers welcome.

      Hi Bill,

      I agree with you. The only reason to use harder pads, is if you plan on doing some competitive driving, where you need to have pads that will not fade under hard usage. I recommend using brake pads just hard enough to not fade under the type of driving you will be doing.

      I used to own a crank grinding shop, and used to have the same discussion with guys that wanted to use bearings that had a harder facing, rather than bearings that had a softer facing in their race engines. I told them that it was cheaper to replace the bearings than to have to regrind the crank every time they took down their engine. It is much cheaper to replace these small disposable items, than to have to repair or replace the more expensive parts.

      Jose 🙂

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      Saw your post and thought I would reply. I scan a bunch of posts both in my Tiger interests and my MG interests (plus aviation, Miata, running, etc. etc). I think there are multiple lists and hard to go see them all the time. The other general Tiger list gets quite a bit of traffic, perhaps more then the TE/AE list. If you were to post the same questions in that one I wouldn’t be surprised you would get more responses.

      This forum is a “pull” forum in that you have to sign on and read the items. I have to admit to rarely signing on. The other list is a “push” in that the emails with questions and responses come whether I want them or not. Obviously the advantage is I at least read the titles if not the message, without any real effort on my part. Bad news is I get a lot of email every day from all the “push” lists I am on.

      So, I think the reason you don’t get too many replies is that not too many people sign on very often. When they do they may not feel competent to answer. Even after fully rebuilding two other tigers and working on my third, I feel intimidated in the presence of the mechanical skills of a Steve Laifman, Doug Jennings, etc. Do often I don’t respond unless I feel I am absolutely sure. Go figure.

      All the above is just my humble opinion. I am sitting in Alliance Ohio in my daughters apartment on the way up to the united in Alexandria Bay. Thus my desire to sign on and see what’s up.

      Curt Hoffman

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