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      The internet turns up some good photos. Name this clubmember hiding behind his wife’s car!
      You will find his other car on this site too….Eric

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      Yup, I know that guy. He’s a great guy.

      I like the umbrella keeping the engine dry. 🙂

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      Bob and Jean Webb

        i was not hiding behind jeans car . it was ungodly hot that day and i probably had the battery operated fan going. if you don’t think it was hot just check out the fact that the beam had it’s umbrella over it’s motor. plus it was raining also. if i remember right not long after this was taken there was a downpour and i think we had about twenty people under the ez up . didn’t know i knew that many people .

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        Its uncommon to have a venue with good shade. Its also fortunate to make friends with tents 🙂

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