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      Looking for info on the best carpet kit for tiger II. If you have experience please inform. padding, hardware, cut/pile, and overall fit. thanks.

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      Call Doug Jennings @937 256 0993. He gets them from the woman who makes tops etc. Everyone knows who I mean but I can’t remember her name and don’t have her number. She sells many types so buy what you personally like.

      John Logan

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      Is it Martha Wheat?

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      Someone told me recently that she was getting out of the business.

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      I’ve also heard that she’s retired out of the business and that the person who’s taken over was not nearly up to the same quality level.

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      Has anyone contacted her to verify that she is getting out?

      Fred Baum

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      Good news for those that want new interiors and/or carpets!
      I just got off the phone with Martha Christiansen of Pro Prep Interiors. She is back at work. Contact her at 775-833-2424 with your needs.

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      Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but what’s the price on this kit?

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