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      Gene Sokolowski

        I’m at the point where I need to decide on wheels and tires (and soon). I have read some of the past posts on the forum but wonder if there is any newer information out there now.

        Has anyone purchased the 15×6 Silver Classic 8 VTO wheels for their vehicle? If so any problems with front clearance? And what size tires did you go with?

        Additionally, has anyone gone with 16 inch Panasports? If so what size tires did you install?

        Are spacers required with either wheel? I have not modified front valance or the wheel wells on my vehicle.

        I’m open to other suggestions. I do need at least a 15 inch wheel due to front and rear disc brake upgrades (Wilwood front/Mustang rear).

        Pictures would be great (and interesting) to see.


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        I have this wheel on my ’66 Alpine, and it looks great! It’s fitted with a 195/55 R 15, which has the same outside diameter as the original 13" tires. These were purchased from VTO Performance, who stocks this wheel with the proper +24 offset for Sunbeams . The only modification that had to made was a slight reshaping of the valance for clearance. This was done by starting at the bottom of the front edge of the wheel well and bending back less than 1/2" and then tapering that up with a smooth arch for around 4". Hope this helps. Bernie

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