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      It JUST occured to me that I forgot to include wheel bearings for my SV in my order from Sunbeam Specialties yesterday (that will be here today!) Darn! Wonder if anyone knows if there’s a replacement that I could get from, say NAPA, off the shelf?

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      Just found if under “Tech Tips” from the main page. A ’71-’74 Capri works, but not the seal, just the bearing, looks like. And looks like first was posted from March of 1982. It’s nice that some things don’t change.

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      You can take the old bearings and races to the bearing distibutor over by the stadium and they will match them up for you. They can even match the seal you just have to reuse the big metal funnel shaped piece it fits in.

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      Thanks Jim. I think I know exactly the place you’re talking about. Will drop in tomorrow morning when they’re open.

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