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      Ok, I’m looking to go back to a 14′ wheel on my Tiger from 15" so as to run a taller tire, little less freeway rev’s , hopefully
      Kind of a cheap overdrive (well cheaper than a 5 spd)…..
      Done at lot of research, and know that on a 6 ‘ wide wheel most back space I’ve seen listed is 22mm or 4.3661
      Has anyone gone more than that on a 14’ wheel and not had tie-rod/A /arm clearance issues?
      I plan on running a 14X5.5 4.35 BS on the front and a 14X6 4.25 BS with a .25 spacer. on rear.
      This should tuck them in nicely, but still looking to push the front under as far as I can.

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      why don’t you try a taller 15" tire like 225/50/15 rear?

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