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      I am searching for information on wheel offset for my Tiger. I’m hoping to order some wire wheels — size 15. Any information on tire and wheel size would be appreciated. Thanks. Linda

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      Are you goingt o put on bolt on wheels or proper splined wheels? Also you understand that Tigers are wires are not genereally regarded as a good mix.

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      Tigers and wires aren’t quite compatible. If you talking
      about replacing the spindles and such with splined shafts
      for the wires to fit, I understand the Tiger’s torque would
      spin but the splinded shaft and wire. This is not a good idea.

      Dayton Wheel makes wire wheels for any car in the world.
      They would bolt right on as they don’t use spined shafts.
      They are custom made and not cheap ($500/wheel??).

      Check the internet for the email address.

      All Tigers now are faced with the problem of not many good
      speed rated 13 iinch tires are being made. That’s why a lot
      of the west coasters are going to 14 or 15 inch wheels. I believe
      one of the manufacturers is making a mini lite look alike with
      the correct bolt pattern and off set for the Tiger. Go 15 not
      14 of you can as 14 inch tires are becoming hard to find.

      Sunbeam Specialities sells excellent repros of the LAT 70
      wheel with spinner. You might contact Rick McCleod ad see
      if he is making the in 15 size.

      Dave Johnson TE/AE Midwest Rep

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      those 15 inch rims you speak of … do they fit under well of 65 tiger with out modification? how wide of tire will fit? looking to update my 13 inch what is the bolt pattern i would look for? any info would help
      thank you

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