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      Bob Williams

      A question regarding the serial number, the last five letters my number are “LRXFE”. I know that the “L” is for left hand drive; the “R” for roadster; the “X” for non-standard and the “FE” for Ford engine. My question is what could be “non-standard”? Could it be a different rear end ratio, or that it was purchased new with the LAT 70 wheels? Any info would be appreciated.

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      I suppose some of the non-standard modifications are export market related. Don’t quote me but, some possibilities might include such mundane things as …

      – Pull to flash headlamps in the turn signal lever
      – Amber upper tail-light lenses
      – Shoulder strap seat belts
      – single license plate illumination bulb
      – R/L headlamp focus

      I believe the Book of Norman would cover the total list of possibilities. X is typical for North American market as far as I’ve seen.

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      I believe that the "X" really meant that is was whatever was not standard of the UK model. I have only seen LRXFE here in the USA.
      Just like they identified Left hand drive, as RHD was(still is) the norm in the UK.
      I like to hear what others think it entails!

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      It was always my understanding that it meant eXport

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      My understanding also eXport.


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      So we really all agree it is "Export" = "NON England" !! Robert

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      Bob Williams

      Ok Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      alpines and tigers both have the LRX designation on the vin plates. my RHD lemans has the vin number followed by OD HRO.

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      Which means OverDrive, Home market, Right hand drive, and I forget the O offhand

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      Look at and it all explained in detail. Robert

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      Back in the day, it was not allowed to have a yellow amber turn signal it was "European." spec. cars that had it. I know this as I imported a car in the 80’s and was forced to remove the yellow lens on the BMW 3.0 CSI coupe.
      When I got home into my 64 bug conv’t with the yellow european spec. Hella lenses on it I was truly a rebel and a rule breaker.

      Some other European cars had parking lamps for when you parked Italian style on the sidewalk and hung a fender off the curb you could leave the tail or turn signal light on on that side only as a warning to other drivers.

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      LRX = (left hand drive) (roadster) (non standard) cars that went to the USA had the X as they ran differeent lenses and lights for plates. There were several designations for cars that were export.. but they didn’t use X as they ran same spec as the UK cars.. there are LRO, and RRO cars.. left hand drive export (eurpoe, france germany etc..) and RRO right hand drive export cars (AU/NZ etc)

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