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      Tom Voltaggio

        I have a Series IV which had a previous conversion which installed the 2 Stromberg CD150’s from a Series V on it. So it is now a 1592 CC with the Strombergs. It ran OK for several decades, but I now can’t keep the carbs in tune and am looking for a single 2 bl Weber conversion. I understand the 32/26 DGV is the carb of choice, but need a new manifold and linkage. I found that Sunbeam Specialties sells them. Anyone else?

        My mechanic, who has worked on the car for 30 years, has agreed to come out of retirement and do it for me. Does anyone have any information that will help him do this conversion? Any Faq, tech-tip or things to look out for? I have the Rootes reviews for over the past 20 years! Does anyone recall anything there? All help would be greatly appreciated.


        Tom Voltaggio

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        Hi Tom
        You can buy a S4 or S3 single downdraft manifold (they were used on most of the S3+S4 Alpines) from eBay occasionally or post a wanted ad on this forum and see what happens. Someone may also have the correct Weber that you need as well or just buy it new from SS. I understand the jetting may need to be changed some as well as the linkage. Do an internet search for single Weber on a Sunbeam Alpine as I think there is a tech tip out there somewhere. I had an Alpine with the single Weber and it really ran good. You will be happy with the conversion. Eric

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        David Reina’s Venezia has a Weber downdraft instead of the Solex. Works very well.
        I am grafting two Weber ICH150 downdrafts on the 1725 engine. Still have to configure the linkage.

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