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      Rod Patriquin

        Regarding D17 – Weber Carbs for the Alpine in the ‘All the info by category’ section.
        My 1725 is completely stock except for Pertronix ignition. No overdrive, 3.89 rear gear.
        Over the winter the head was rebuilt, new double spring set, hardened seats, valves ground and new guides. Engine completely rebuilt 2 years ago, everything replaced or rebuilt from the lifters down to the crankshaft. Car runs very good.
        My question is related to the 32/36 Weber carb with manual choke installed on my car.
        Article above suggests; (not clear if suggestions applies to 28/36 or 32/36)

        Main jets; 140/160 I have; 140/135
        Slow Running; 50/70 I have; 55/50
        Air Correction; 220/180 I have; 185/160
        Pump Jet; 70 I have; 50
        Emulsion Tubes; F30 I have; F6
        Should I – leave as it is, change everything, or make selected changes.

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