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      I think several other owners have posted info on aftermarket wheel and tire setups. I wanted to save a few bucks vs. the Panasports and bought a set of VTO Classic 8 in silver, size 15 X 7 with a +25 offset rear, and 15 X 6 with a +24 offset front. GB Car Parts had a free shipping sale and I got the set for $700. VTO is the supplier that used to import the Superlites, from what I recall.

      For tires I got Yokohama S Drive in 205/50R15 rear and 195/55R15 front, for $410 (local tire shop matched Tire Rack’s price.)

      For a total investment of $1200 including balancing I’m really happy with the setup. Great for the street, though I haven’t bothered throwing them around an autocross course to see how they would do vs. the typical Dunlops. There is no tire rub, simply bolt on and drive. A complete transformation relative to the old, hard 13" original setup.

      If you go with this setup, remember to order the short center caps at no extra cost, as the std ones are comically long.

      And just now I realize I don’t know how to embed a picture on this forum….
      I’ll try to post something online and edit this post.

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      We too used VTO wheels 15×6 all around with a 4.437" backspace for tires we used 205/50/15 Dunlops all around we bought direct from VTO, Panasport
      is a pain to deal with especially when we asked for 5 lug wheels.

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      cheese – how about a photo?

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      Sorry for the delay…holidays. … 00/?page=2

      Might have to copy and paste, no idea how to embed a link or pic here.

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      Wow. Lookin’ real good there 8)
      What a difference from the plain black 13" painted steel wheels to those nice 15 inchers.
      I have always thought that "wheels make the car", and yours is another perfect example.
      Nice! Thanks for the pix.

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      Very nice indeed! – thanks for the info and the pics

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