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      Can someone help me with this vin tag I’m looking at buying this alpine
      Chassis 9407816
      OD LRO
      engine No B
      color 39

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      Carnival red Series IV, built summer of 1964. Although could be titled later depending on when it was sold. OD is overdrive, LRO I believe indicates a LHD model, although I don’t recall the RO significance.

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      Thanks Mike the owner said it was a late 64
      titled as 65 . Needs some love but 100% there
      Only have a tiger this is first Alpine excited

      Dave Kulasa

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      Alpines are great cars-they sure do steer easier than a Tiger too!

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      So what may be some of the differences between a series 4 to series 5.
      This one has wire wheels but I notice the center nut do not have ears on them
      have to use a big socket .

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      A high level summary of the Alpine series is here:

      You’ll see the differences summarized – engine, carburetors, axle ratio, negative ground, switch to alternator, etc.. Some of the changes on the series V, such as all synchro gearbox and 7.5" clutch were introduced during the series IV.

      You can decode the chassis plate codes here:

      Alpines built for North America were ‘LRX’. ‘LRO’ implies the Alpine was built for somewhere else.


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      Which probably explains the earless spinners on the wheels and other locations in the world mandated them before the US did.

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      So i have another ? This car has wire wheels so are there special tires
      to use or standard tires with tubes. They maybe the original Tires now.
      Dunlops. The car supposedly has 29,000 miles


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      If original wire wheels, they are tubeless, 13", and I think the rim width is 4". Definitely measure them. The original tires for a series IV were either 6.00 x 13 or 5.90 x 13. You’ll find limited options to fit a 13" rim and match the original tire diameter. Original diameter appears to have been around 23.3" to 23.7".

      A good SAOCA thread on the topic:


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      Thanks Mike
      I have a Tiger so some of this Alpine stuff is new to me
      Glad I have support on the Forum. I would of thought that the
      Tire’s would have leaked with the spokes in the rims. That’s why I thought they had tubes.
      Have more ? later


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      I don’t have wire wheels, but I haven’t heard anyone talk about using a tube with the wire wheels. I suspect you should refurb the spokes to make sure the wire wheels are safe to use. I don’t think they are recommended for hard driving.


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      I have an Alpine with wire wheels and yes they all use tubes as well as a large "rubber band" that covers the ends of the spokes inside the rim so the tubes don’t rub against them and get a leak. You can now buy new wire wheel rims that are sealed with a rubber sealant so you can run tubeless tires-or do like Eric S in the club did and seal up your existing rims using sealant. I mount my own tires with tire irons as finding someone around here to do that would be futile…..
      Attached is a Harrington with wire wheels at Sebring this year. Eric

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      Thanks Guys !
      Why did I buy this at the begining of winter
      9 inches of snow this past weekend. My wife gave up here garage space for it
      At least its a complete car I don’t have to look work anything.


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