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      Any of you who were at Chateau Elan probably were wondering what the heck was wrong with the wine colored Tiger. It was making a heck of a racket. After a long saga full of curse words, sweat, cash and blood, I finally determined that the old Rhodes lifters just weren’t going to cut it. There were five bent push rods, one of which ended up in the valve galley alongside a partially disintegrated lifter. It finally went back together last week (For the 5th time) and now appears to be healthy. This problem added months to the project. Lots of trial and error getting valve covers to fit, PCV valve to function (Do not try unbaffled valve covers on a street machine), and various valve components to get along with each other. I drove it to the gas station yesterday and made it home with no knocks, drips or errors.

      Next target – The Prince of Darkness

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      Let’s hear it for crate engines!

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      This whole deal was a case of me wanting to save the engine that was built for Keith Porter and that he and Doug Pruitt and I installed a couple of years before he died. I’m sure that somewhere in the future there is a crate engine destined for the car, but for now I hope to enjoy the memories.

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      You say don’t try unbaffeled covers on a street machine.Why do you say so?Is it just because of your bad experience or do you know something that I don’t?I must as I’m using a 302 with stage 2 heads.Roller cam and tappets,Tiger,powered by ford valve covers.2 gaskets glued together and it just gives enough clearance internally.
      8) ahh the sun shone tonight finally after 3 days of lots of rain

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      The problem was with the PCV valve. I tried using a baffled grommet but it still sucked oil into the intake and smoked like crazy. I tried a variety of elbows, grommets, etc. and it just kept coming. It probably was a case of the hole for the PCV valve being right over one of the rockers and the roller rockers slopping oil around a bit differently than the stock rockers would have. The cover with the PCV valve came with no hole and I probably should have taken more time in choosing the site for the hole I drilled (Like between two rockers). I also had problems with oil seeping out around the oil filler cap. The baffled rockers solved all of these problems. I still had to dent the baffles a little for clearance.

      Over 13″ of rain in Jacksonville in the past week. this morning, Sunshine. This afternoon, more rain.

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