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      I have 5 LAT 9 wheels in almost show condition (the polished parts are nice and the bare aluminum parts are good with a few small stains, there is no curb rash and the centers are all there). I’d like to sell them to a club member but don’t have a clue what to ask. Can anyone, suggest a range of value?


      Bill Marras

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        Its a "how longis a bit of string" question.. or "what someone wants to pay" "how bad they want them".

        I have watched these wheels sell on ebay over the last few years, and the prices have varied over a staggering range, there have been some avg wheels selling for big $ and some nice resotred ones for less than that. Its market driven,

        Things i would note about the pie cutters:

        They are rare
        Apparently had a reputation for gogin porus
        are 13" so limited selection of tyres and cars with modded brakes may not fit them

        on the upside.. someone wanting a good period wheel is gogin to want them..

        I’d say $1600 if they are really nice as thats about what you pay for repros of other rare wheels like the halibrands, brms etc.. but thats just my .02c .. and i have seen them go for less and more.

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        Thanks for the good advice Michael.
        One more question. The aluminum pie portion of the wheels are a dark gray, like aged aluminum gets. Were the aluminum pie portions lighter when they were new or are they supposed to be dark gray? It’s pretty apparent what the polished portions are supposed to look like but I’m not sure about the unpolished parts.

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          In the photos i have seen in period they look darker, but without it infront of me i cant say off the top of my head with accuracy..

          The best chance you have are 2 ads from the USA .. 1 is a green tiger infront of a plane with an airhostess near it.. car has LAT 9’s and whitewalls.. is a colour picture.. and the LAT "postcard" with a red tiger with LAT 9’s.. i have both pics and can post tomorrow. Or you may have them in your collection.

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          Jeff Nichols

            I say they have no value. But I will pay for shipping to my house for disposal.

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              Here is one of the pictures of reffering to:

              I will find the othger shortly

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              They look great! I have had some on my Tiger for close to 20 years and no problems! 8)

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              Thanks for the replys everyone. I’ll take the scrap under advisement. Micheal, thanks for the picture. I guess this is a love / hate thing with these wheels. I’ll post picture and an offer for sale here and see what happens. I’d like to realize enough to but four 13" LAT 70 wheels and Goodrich red lines, or close to it. I took the MK1A, the only Tiger I have, to the Stan Hywet car show, a big deal regional show and got 87 out of 100 points. With a soft top and 13" wheel and period tires it would have been 97 points. The soft top is going on soon and the wheels – tires hopefully soon to.

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