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      A question my fellow Virginia residents.

      Yesterday I went to the DMV to get my tiger registrated. The seller could not find the title and wasn’t sure it ever had a title Car was his dads who recently passed away. I had a Bill of Sale from Virginia. The people at the DMV told me that I needed to have a title and registration for the car. I explained to them that there was no title. They didn’t know what to do. The lady behind the counter asked the lady next to hear and they both were confused. So one lady opens up this very large NADA book and starts to flip through it. She asked her friend what does it mean when there is no date for the vehicle? The other lady didn’t have an answer. Finally, the lady just puts the book down and tells me I need the title to get it registered. I felt like she was completely confused and just wanted to get rid of me. What choice did I have. Before I go to the manager I am going to do my research and then go back more educated.

      Nothing is easy…..

      Any suggestions or has anyone dealt with the same issues.


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      Ouch – dealing with the DMV (any State) can be a headache. I know that I’ve been frustrated a few times here in NJ, but nothing this difficult. Sounds like some research is in order as to the requirements…
      Do you have any friends or local club members that may have experience with this? This particular forum is not very active, thus may not be the best place to look for answers. My 2 cents – I would suggest joining the Shelby Club forum ( and ask the same questions on there – a LOT more folks with a LOT of experience with old/collector cars, definitely some in VA. "Obviously" there are ways to get a replacement Title, some guidance is in order.
      Good Luck.

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      Is there a registration tag or old licence plate available for somewhere to start a search? If not the DMV will have to do a VIN search. My good friend had to do this for a car he bought at Carlisle . The search provided the name and address of the original owner who took delivery in Germany while in the Army, then titled in Penn. Further information might be available from Norm Miller with the Tiger registry if the previous owner belonged to a Tiger club. You might contact any of the Tiger club members in the area where you bought the car, and whether they knew the owner or the car. GOOD LUCK!

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      How can I contact "Tiger Tom"?

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        Just a small leap here, but when you mention the NADA book your clerk was possibly looking to place a value on the car for sales tax and yearly VLF fees as they unlike California do not care what you paid for the vehicle and pick a value to charge you on. When the clerk could not find a Sunbeam in the mfg. list she hit the wall and stopped there. Maybe some comparable sales and a bill of sale and an offer to let the manager inspect the car would help. I had some exp. as the MRS is from VA Beach and had some fun in VA DMV when there. Also I know my father in laws MGTD was super cheap as an antique auto. We suckers in Calif pay 80 bucks for the minimum per year.

        There is another option which may help but I have not done it on a car, but motorcycles has worked for friends. Vermont DMV does not title vehicles over 15 years old . The idea is you get a plate a registration which will be honored by your home state. The have a 800 number and the chatty convicts they employ love to help. It is my understanding that it may work for a car as it is over 15 years old. Call them and ask they are very helpful. They do run the vin thru NCIS and theft databases. In Calif. all that is gained is a cumbersome CHP DMV inspection that sometimes takes several weeks for a appointment, but guys do it anyway Here is a neat link as well

        Way back in the early 80’s VA DMV offered tourist plates for a car 3.0 CSI coupe I brought from Italy I got a title with no inspection and brought it to California they were called tourist plates available thru AAA of VA. still available I am not sure good luck

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        Tom is nearby, but not in Virginia (unless he’s moved). Caveat: I am no lawyer, but have had a lot of vintage cars in Virginia. Title and registration are two separate issues. Value is a third. In order to title a 1968 Jaguar I had bought from Alabama, I used a notarized bill of sale. That was alright because in 1968, titles for car were not mandatory in Alabama, if memory serves correctly. The Virginia could not require a document that did not exist in 1968. I believe the did title cars in Virginia in 1965 era, so this may not be an option for you. But you absolutely need a notarized bill of sale. Imagine a seller finding the old, missing title later on and calling the authorities to accuse a buyer of stealing his or her car, which can be a plausible scenario if proper documentation is not in the buyer’s hands.

        BTW, what year is the Tiger? Was the VIN tag ever removed? I ask because the Virginia State Police may want to inspect the car as a part of the retitling process. If the VIN tag was removed, you may run into some problems. This is important with a Tiger because you will end up with a new, State issued VIN attached to the chassis, which can cause problems with the perceived authenticity of the Tiger in the future. I’d be spooked, maybe. "Stories" are never helpful. I had a 1973 Porsche 911 that had been stolen at some point, which had a Virginia state issued VIN plate on it. It was harder to sell the car at the value of other 1973 911s when I decided to. In that case, I think the buyer wanted a race car, so he did not car too much about the VIN issue. Just food for thought

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        As someone mentioned earlier, many states can do a search for a "lost" or " missing’ title (Florida is one that I know of). You will need something to start wtih…..old registration, name of previous owner, etc…. In Florida if the information is no older than 5 years or so, it can be pulled up on the DMV computer. If it’s old information you have to fill out a form, mail it in with a small fee and a search of the archives is done.

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        Here’s a little insight from the deal we went thru in Indiana for the Tiger like Virigina Indiana would not register the car with out a title we ended up
        going to court to get judgment against the BMV to direct them to issue a title which after 3 plus months they did, (which by the way had the wrong vin#)
        we’re happy now licensed, legal and driving! there was more to it than just getting judgment from the court !

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          Ain’t bureaucracy fun !! By continuing to employ these people, it proves to me that mankind is very into self-abuse . . . . . . .

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