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      I have an inlet manifold for a V8. It is marked FOMoCo which I assume stands for Ford Motor Company. It has a part number on it C8ZE 9425-A.
      It has four holes in the top so I am assuming 4 barrell carb.

      Will this fit a Tiger?

      What is it worth?


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      C8 means 1968, Z means Mustang and E means engine. The 9425A seems to indicate a cast-iron 4-barrel manifold from a J-code 302 (230 HP).

      Unless I have missed something, I think it should fit a 260 / 289.

      Like most of the late ’60’s Mustang stuff, it is not worth much from a performance standpoint, but might be worth a fair amount to someone doing a proper restoration.

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      I’m using a similar one for my 302.It is not what I wanted .I was thinking an air gap but a good one is about 7 inches high and that means clearance is gone.There are lower ones but not as good.

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