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      Welcome to the wonerful world of putting a V8 into the Alpine.
      I really don’t think there is enough room for the fuel injected version of the 302.The injector rails etc. would mean you cut into the scuttle.You would also have to cut the hood open to accomadate the higher manifold as well. How much I don’t know.If you can see a tiger you will see how close the carb sits to the firewall /scuttle
      As to the fire wall you will need to cut out a square as wide as the whole engine with the exhaust or headers leaving enough room to for engine torque. The top cut will be at the ridge for the scuttle.You will need to build a firewall with the engine and transmission in place.a new tunnel with room for the V8’s bellhousing.I would tack it all in place and then remove engine and weld everything up.On my 62 I doubled the metal of the bellhousing area.
      On my 62 the 302 was set to be for fuel injection etc.Seeing as I only bought the long block it was still easy to go carburated.I also moved the engine as far back as I dared.This was a bit more involved than I thought it might be.
      Sorry if I went and rained on your parade.It just takes a lot more time and patience than you think

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