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      I just got my cross member back from the blaster and will be sending it to my welder for reinforcing. I measured it and it’s within specs, but I need new control arm bushings and ball joints. My car will be street driven and not raced (at least by me). Should I install SS urethane bushings and steel ball joints or go with the stock replacement parts? My stock front springs look good. Should I use them or buy new? Thanks!

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      I would buy Ricks at SS urethane stuff the metalastic stuff just doesn’t cut it, also I would look at
      higher rate front springs maybe 350/450 # ( I’m using 450#) and have your guy look at the fulcrum pin mounts they tend to crack around the pads.

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      Make sure that you reinforce the shock towers and the rack mounts and then weld the crossmember all the way around the seam! If you do this you will need to recheck the measurments. Just my 2cents worth i have been there with this issue! 8)

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      What really needs to be done is completely re weld the crossmember, making any mods along the way,this is one of the reasons I went ahead and built my own.

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