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      Hi – the mechanic from whom I purchased my Tiger recommended updating the brake system to a dual master cylinder system (my master is in poor condition, and the brake booster has been removed from my Tiger entirely, although I have it in a box). Has this been done before, and are there recommended parts to start the process?

      Thanks for any help you can give me….

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      I’m surprised you haven’t gotten any replies on this one. I haven’t researched it lately, but I believe you can use a 70’s Triumph (TR6?) dual master cylinder. The tricky part is getting the bias right via a proportioning valve. With all of the racing equipment out there, you can probably find and adjustable valve. I haven’t looked but my guess is that you will find info on this upgrade in the C.A.T. Shop Notes. I don’t know how the dual master cylinder would work without a booster. You might want to start your leg exercises now.

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      Mike Schreiner

        I have seen several cars with a datsun dual master cyl, but dont know which model ….also go to a smaller bore to compensate for not having the brake booster. Mike

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        I am using this NABCO master cylinder which is a .700 bore, thinking this one is off a Arrow or Colt. You can do a search on ebay for NABCO and maybe run a part number or car to ground these came on so you can walk up to the parts counter and say give me a…

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        The brake M/C from a mid-70’s Datsun PL620 pickup is very similar except that it has a 0.750″ bore (IIRC).

        I don’t think there is any practical way to use a booster with a tandem M/C (yes, I know you could use TWO boosters), so if the NABCO is 0.700″, that would be very helpful.

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