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      This is very much off the wall but what the heck…

      I attended the SUNI V in Rapid City and ran into a fellow wearing a t-shirt from TEAE United XVIII. For those of you that can’t immediately recall that one, it was held in October 1996 in Orlando, FL. The graphic had a green Tiger (or Alpine, depending on your point of view) in front of an orange setting sun. It was my first United after purchasing my basket-case of a Tiger (which also happened to be green). It was a great event and inspired me to get going on my restoration project.

      But what struck me about seeing the t-shirt at SUNI V was that I have 2 at home that I wear all the time. My wife yielded hers to me years ago, so I get to trade off. But the graphics are still in great condition. Maybe I’m not as tough on my t-shirts as some but I don’t have many other 13-year-old t-shirts in my drawer.

      Oh, and the Tiger? I finished the restoration about 5 years ago. I don’t get to drive it nearly as much as I’d like (living in Minnesota) but I get to wear it every week, 52 weeks a year.

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      T-shirts can live a long time. I’ve got a few that old.

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