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      show details 4:25 PM (16 minutes ago)

      as we move closer to United 30 we have set plans for what will be a spectacular united and a must attend show for any Rootes Group fan..this year we have some very special guests and some special rootes cars to attract more fans.but more on that later..Uniteds have come and gone for several years,30 to be exact and travel all over the east coast and midwest with a yearly rotation.the midwest uniteds have always drawn a bigger crowd and this year should be no different.
      The town of french lick has been more than gracious with letting us come and invade there otherwise normal town for the first weekend in without further delay here is the plan

      Special guests
      We have some special guests lined up for this years United,our main guest who will be attending the entire show will be the fastest man piloting a sunbeam to date,Larry Mayfield,he just recently went 210 mph in the bonneville salt flats.he will also be our guest speaker at our banquet dinner on sunday night talking about his runs on the salts
      we are also having a lead designer for rootes group named John Clegg,he designed the 1725 alpine motor and helped with many rootes group projects in the english factory days,we are having a little informal chat and presentation on friday night about his days at rootes group hosted by Tiger Tom
      another friday night special will be followed by Scca champion Tom Patton with Team Tiger to talk about his race season with the fans hosted by another Team Tiger member,Barry Schomeberger.

      Special cars
      Along side with some of the nicest sunbeam alpines and tigers we will also have some very special cars attending our concours show.we have both team tiger tube chassis race cars being displayed,some svra vintage race tigers,and lets not forget the 50th anniversary of the Harrington which we hope to have 3-4 of these to grace the show field as well

      Schedule of events
      Thursday october 6
      welcoming party at the west baden indoor go kart track and pay as you go buffet dinner at the black beatle amish reastraunt(its about 10 dollars per person to eat,and ts actually good food)
      early registration
      hospitality room opens after the welcome party
      parts room set up

      Friday October 7th
      Road tour presented by Barry Schomeberger,a map guided tour through hoosier nation forest with a few stops at jasper race engine plant and a tour of a local race car desinger and his shops,followed by a rally back to french lick hotel
      open dinner plans
      A night with John Clegg,desinger for rootes group hosted by Tiger Tom.this will be a informal talk about Johns history with Rootes Group in England
      A later night informal chat with Tom Patton from Team Tiger hosted by Barry Schomeberger to talk about Toms race season with his tube chassis tiger and what it takes to stay competitive with a sunbeam
      tech session
      parts room
      hospitality room

      Saturday october 8th
      Concours car show on the greens of french lick alongside the French lick Independant art show
      Dinner cruise at jasper historic train rides through the hoosier national forest(this is a amazing train ride through the fall foliage
      parts room
      tech sessions
      hospitality room

      Sunday october 9th
      Autocross at the Salem Speedway hosted by Barry(this autocross will be unique in the fact that it is a actual autocross track and will be open to only rootes cars)
      Awards dinner with special guest speaker Larry Mayfield
      last call parts room
      hospitality room
      tech session

      Monday october 10th
      general membership meeting in the morning
      save travels home in the afternoon

      Alongside the many rootes based events we have several on and off site events planned for the entire weekend..the town itself will be giving guided tours through the local museums and historic sites located in the same area as the car show on saturday,as well as hosting a local art show that has been a hit for several years running.the town also features a very respected Pete Dye golf course for all you golfers in the club with discounted rates as well for united guests.The hotel itself has many historic tours to offer as well and also has many food options that range from buffet to fine dinning..all in all this is looking to be a great united 30 and I hope to see all of you in french lick in october
      also we have a large parts room that is filling up quickly so please email if you are a vendor and looking for space
      pat j

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