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      United 30 registration is now on this should be available at

      Reasons why you should register early

      1 its united 30 and if you own a sunbeam you will enjoy this weekend

      2 we only have a total of 80 seats for the dinner cruise,which is a train ride through hoosier forest
      we recommend registering early just for this reason

      3 the 25,50,and if we get real lucky 100th register will get a special gift.I won’t say what that is but if you jump on over to it will say on the registration form.

      4 its united 30..and we hope this will be the biggest united yet

      Well there it is,4 of my best reasons to attend united and register early
      Also if you haven’t made hotel reservations yet that info can be found at as well

      See you guys in October at French lick
      Pat j

      Oh and once again any questions can be forwarded to me either on the forums,email,or phone or 630-724-4011(anytime cell)

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      Bob and Jean Webb

        when you click on registration it says to check later??

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