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      I had the Alpine out, last Friday, going up Rt1. A guy pulls up and asks if I’m interested in Alpine parts. Long story short, someone left a bunch of parts, cluttering up his garage and wanted to get rid of them. He wanted to give them to me, but after I saw them, he knew what he had, I gave him practically nothing. Picked them up today. At a glance of the stuff in plastic crates. W/my old block I’ve got probably 98% of parts to build another engine. Looks like 2 heads, at least 2, maybe 4 carbs, 3 intake and an exhaust manifold, oil pan, set of steel headers, trans (not sure if it’s sync), couple of "new" surface rust brake disks, complete front subframe with brake calipers. couple of cast (billet?) aluminum valve covers. pair of "vent" window assemblies, both side windows, windshield and frame, pair of radiators (1 needs recore), heater core, Some red interior stuff, rug and door cards, center console, both gas tanks. Haven’t really looked at everything, out of crates, yet. I’m planning on doing that tomorrow. Taking all out for "inventory", maybe a little cleanup, put crates where I’ve cleared some space, then back in crates. Probably’ll take some pictures.

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      It pays to drive a Sunbeam! Great story and glad you rescued the parts before they ended up in a dumpster somewhere….Eric

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      Seems that way, Eric. Another person approached me, at a weekly cruze-in, told me of a lady in Bowie w/garage of parts, too. Made contact, she’s not getting rid of stuff, for little or nothing, this time, but have another contact for parts, maybe. I’m gonna check what she has, next week. Get those Alpines out on the road, never know who’s gonna pull up next to you. Thanks for the reply.

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