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      As some of you may know im in the process of getting my tiger on the road before next month.
      My question,Does the truck release and key popper need to be painted body color or black?

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      Body color

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      Thanks,,I was going to just paint the body color,but I had noticed on an original ower original paint tiger it was painted black.

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      I have two of these assemblies. Both are painted body color. One is original to my Tiger, 382000521 that I’ve owned since 1969.

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      Thanks again,,I was thinking about painting it black,with a rattle can.but now that I know its supposed to be body color im going to hit it with some red paint.

      In concours judging do small items like this get noticed all that often?My tiger at one time was a concours winning car..

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        Depends on what the concourse rules are, if its concourse as in "perfect condition" or concourse originality, where things such as factory finishes and details are required

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        Originality is my goal with this..

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