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      Josie Schmid

        Hello from Prince George, British Columbia, or ‘up north’ (according to Vancouverites…lol.). My Tiger started out in LA, spent years in Pennsylvania as part of Anthony diBattista’s collection, before crossing the country again in a delivery to Bellingham in October 2007.

        I went on a hunt after going to a Bellevue car show and drooling over the shiny Tigers all lined up. My dream was to find a sporty, unusual car that was also easy to drive. I loved the look of the Tiger instantly, but am a mechanical no-talent, so I envy the many of you who can tinker & improve your vehicles with confidence. I met Anthony when I contacted TEAE asking for some advice on Tiger buying. It so happened he had a great car for me….I could not be happier!! On a trip to Toronto visiting in-laws I took a ‘daytrip’ to Pennsylvania to meet the Tiger and test drive. I was very anxious that the car would not be easy to drive but those fears were not to be. Anthony drove first and to my delight he really let it loose!! I think the car was sold before I got behind the wheel, but I was just exhiliarated that the wheel, the clutch, the stickshift all felt so right!

        The delivery was tricky….arranged from Canada with a vehicle moving company who could not cross into Canada. With a 24 hr window from work, I flew to Vancouver at 6 am… missed the bus to Bellingham (the rendezvous location) by 10 minutes and opted to cab to Bellingham as I had a tight schedule to drive all the way back. I stopped at the lisencing authority first, then continued on to the meeting place. The trucker was an extremely nice guy who had rearranged his schedule a bit to fit into my schedule and maintained phone contact with me as he crossed the country. Unfortunately, as clever as I thought I had been, the drop-off at the Greyhound station of the car plus a spare trunk hood was complicated by the fact that this Greyhound station did not accept freight!!! My plan had been to ship the trunk hood to my home. Kind truck driver gave me blankets to wrap the trunk hood in and helped me load it and bungee the other hood down over it…..with lots of padding. I must admit I felt moments of guilt as I thought of what Anthony might think of his fine machine being treated like this!!!

        It all worked out, and I grinned all the way through that 12 hour drive!! Including when I hit the first snowfall of the year between 100 mile house and Williams Lake (‘say it ain’t so’). I hit home about 2 am, but safe & sound, bright-eyed & bushy-tailed for work the next day! Thank you to Anthony for this awesome car…and also for saying ‘make her yours’. With apologies to the BRG enthusiasts, I transformed her from BRG to orange with a goldy sheen on top. But isn’t that what makes the world go round???

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        What a fantastic story. Its always great to know the history of a classic car. Life is always full of fun when you own a Sunbeam.

        If you get a chance show us some pictures of how the Tiger looks now.

        Welcome on board!

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        I presume we are talking here about the black Tiger built by Jim Morrison?
        What ever happened with the red S3 Alpine?
        What ever happened with Anthony? Busy selling extruders?

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        Robert I believe that Anthony sold his BRG Tiger to finance the black Tiger he bought from Jim M.
        Anthony must still have the S3 -I had heard he wanted to sell it at one time. It was a beauty! Eric

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        +1 on the request for photos of the new look for this [formerly green] Tiger!
        Glad to hear that the car has found a good home… they are a blast to own & drive 😀
        We LOVE orange cars at our house… saw a great orange Tiger at a United a few years back and promptly went home and bought a new Sunburst Orange Metallic Cobalt. Our ’65 Thunderbird Special Landau is a gorgeous sort of copper/orange color (depends on the sunlight) called "Emberglo Metallic" (this photo doesn’t do it justice).

        Uploaded with

        (This post refers to Anthony’s green (was not the correct Forest Green) Tiger, sold a couple of years back in order to GET the [Jim Morrison’s] black car.
        The black car has now been sold (Sept 2010)

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        Josie Schmid


          I”m sorry that I did not see your question earlier.

          I still own the car Anthony sold to me, and it is still running well with routine maintenance & the odd repair. It’s hard to follow the detail and attention that Anthony gave that car, but I did the best that I could 🙂

          I am moving to Vancouver and am looking to sell this Tiger now as I don’t have parking space for it and I spend less time driving. It might be a fitting outcome to see a return to the area that this awesome little car came from!

          I have attached a picture and a sale posting.



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