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      A couple of days ago I thought I would take one more step towards perfection and adjust the door catch to pull the door in exactly level with the body. I mean it wasnt bad, but I couldnt resist an improvement, or so I thought 🙁

      Today, me and a couple of car junkies went for a blast in the countryside, and without warning my door catch sprang open, and my door flew outwards as I was turning left; I thought it was going to rip off!

      I have just stripped the mechanism all down, checked it, lubricated it and put it all back, and guess what? Yep, it still pops out after a short drive. Shuts and opens (using the handle) beautifully. But it doesn’t stay shut.

      I now have to tie a strap to the handle each time I drive, until I find out what is wrong. Damn!!!

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        There are those 2 teeth on the door dovetail that mounts to the B pillar. You are either not making the 2nd one that locks it in.. or it needs to be rotated a little so that it holds on better as its slipping off.. this also make the door a little harder to shut.

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        Thanks Michael. As you say, the striker can be rotated, and this seems to be the answer. Not a good design that allows an adjustment that is unsafe. I think they could have provided the same up/down fore/aft adjustment without rotation. Hopefully I have sorted it now, and my door is still attached to the car 😀

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