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      New to Alpine world and restoring an SV. While working on car I filled the tranny up with oil.
      Istarted jacking up the front of the car and oil ran out of the tail of the tranny. I assume this
      is not good. Is there a seal there that goes bad? The driveshaft is not in. and no oil came out when
      car was on the ground. The car has been sitting in a garage for a long time before I got it.
      Thanks for any help.

      Greg D.

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      Hi Greg
      Welcome! What happened is perfectly normal-without the driveshaft in place, when the transmission is tilted at an angle, the oil will come out the tail shaft!
      At least you didn’t get a face full of oil-happened to me once…..

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        Eric’s right about the oil pouring out, but there is a seal there that should be looked at as long as you have access. If that is bad you’ll have a leak later on.


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        Thanks guys. So I assume the driveshaft yoke slides inside the seal with kind of a
        pressure fit to keep it from leaking. Thankfully it was level when I pulled the shaft out.
        Normally I would have gotten the shower.

        Greg D.

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