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      Does anyone know how tall the tranny mount for the Tiger is?Is it the same as a ford which is 2 3/4 inches tall not counting bolt length?

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      Chuck-I have one at home and I will measure it tonight! Eric

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      OK- I checked it. It measures 1 5/8″ tall not including the two mounting bolts. It is 6 3/4″ long and 2 1/2″ wide. The Ford part number on it is
      C4ZA-6068. Hope this helps. Eric

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      Thanks Eric
      I now have that info and I will be using the Tiger mount.I’m not mounting the tranny ala tiger.That is welding the mount to the frame.I’m using 1/4 plate on the bottom plate of the crucifix with 1/4 plate on top. Because I haved moved the engine and tranny back the stock tiger mount would not be a good solution.This also has its problems such as the tranny mounting bracket has to have room but I have overcomed them.The problem with the stock Mustang mount Had the bolts below the 1/4 inch plate leaving them exposed.
      8) AHHH life is so sunny.

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