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      After 20+ years of having a small open trailer (basically custom sized for the Tiger) it looks like it is time to invest in a trailer that can carry the other cars.
      We have a 65 TBird as our largest car, so if the new trailer is sized for that, the Tiger, GN, and TTA will be well covered.
      I have been using an open center type steel trailer with slide out ramps. I really like the open center since I can sit on the ground and more easily reach to tie down, and the slide-out ramps are very convenient. However the rust and paint chips are not so good. Cost is always a factor, but not a killer.

      I’m looking for experienced input – pros and cons of alum vs steel, solid deck, ramp styles, etc??
      It looks like the T-Bird overall length is 205" on a 113.2" wheelbase (huge rear overhang 🙄 ) with a weight of nearly 4700 lbs 😯
      Any feedback appreciated.

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