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      First things first, this is for an Alpine. I’m posting in the Tiger section, looking for response from experienced users.

      My car has been repowered, using a Ford Focus engine and uses a Ford 8" rear axle. Recent inspection shows the differential is rattling around way too much, actually penetrating sheet metal. I think the best way to prevent this is to stop it at the rear springs, which brings me to Traction Masters. The recommendation is to use the bolt on type. As near as I can tell, they utilize a bushing only at one end, the other end is bolted to the front of the spring. It seems to me that could lead to binding and a unit with a bushing on each end would be much better, especially on a car like mine that is not hugely powered or raced. I’m mostly looking for a decent ride, reduced chance of spring breakage and a moderate increase in wheel control, not the ultimate 60 foot time. I have done considerable searching but cannot seem to reach the "mother lode" of info on this.

      Any and all information will be welcomed.


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      I installed the Traction Masters on our Tiger back in the late 90s [when I was still autocrossing a few times per year] to try to combat the wheel hop.
      These are the bolt-on type.
      fwiw – I think that there is binding somewhere in this set-up, I’ve noticed quite a bit of additional noise (creaking and banging) going on back there. Also stiffened up the ride.

      Hopefully someone else will chime in with better info for your application. Good luck.

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