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      We purchased our Tiger new in Germany in 1966. (headlights failed on the autobahn bringing it from Dusseldorf to Mannheim) It has about completed re$toration, and we’ll take it to Hershey this fall. I have a tool kit which I bought on ebay…it seems complete, but has tools I don’t recall getting with ours. Nor, do I remember a tool bag roll. I’ve seen pictures of a blue one with Rootes logo. Does anyone have any specs for these (fabric, size, etc?) or a repro source? Thanks. Jim

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      Hi Jim
      Welcome to the forum-and it is good to hear from an original owner too.
      Did you buy your toolkit from the seller in New Zealand? If so, he seems to sell a lot of tools that are not correct . The original toolkit rolls were made of black vinyl plastic with a white cloth tie string to hold it closed. They are hard to find as they fall apart over the years. Last year a guy in Australia was selling repro toolkit rolls but I have not seen them listed for awhile. They were not cheap either! Hope this helps and that we can see your Tiger at the next United this October. Eric

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      Many thanks. That jogged my memory. I do recall the bag, but don’t think I got all the tools when the car was new. My set came from Denmark, and they appear authentic based on what I’ve seen in some Tiger/Alpine references. Seems like they would be easy to fabricate. As I recall, the slots for the tools varied, and there was a flap which folded over them before the bag was rolled and tied. At the Hagerstown rally in fall of 2003/4(?) I noted that not all cars had the same instructional plates under the hood over the firewall. Somebody said that if they weren’t in stock, the cars were shipped out without them. Mine has the holes but never had some of the plates. I also have Alpine scripts on the side and a light blue interior (nicely reproduced by Martha Christanson.) Just after picking up the car, I got orders to Vietnam. Still have my shipping documentation ($174 from Bremerhaven to Bayonne.) Again thanks. Jim

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      The MK1A cars starting the end of 1965 didn’t have the spec plate, although for awhile they still drilled the holes and plugged them with rivets.
      And it’s interesting to hear that you have the Alpine script, shows the continental European delivery origins since the couldn’t be badged as Tigers there as someone else owned the rights to the name. Other than pictures I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one.

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      My Tiger was built around November of 1965 and it had no plate but did have the holes. I put a plate on it (and it is still on the car) thinking it went missing over the years. It was not until I got a chance to see The Book of Norman that I learned my car was not supposed to have a plate!
      Interesting that you have a German spec Tiger. Does your car also have the side emblems that say Alpine 260? Hope we get to see you car. Eric

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      Thanks for the input. I took delivery in Apr ’66. The car was built in ’65 (I recall) I have the holes for the plates, but only one installed. This wasn’t German spec, but US, as the only way I could register it with US Forces, Europe (we had USA military plates) was to have it be US specs.

      Yes, it has a 260 Badge. I think it says “Sunbeam 260” but I will check with Vintage Motorcar. Vintage says the tool bag had heat-formed sealed pockets for the tools… thus the expense of authentic reproductions.

      Jim and Diane
      TA/EA 2403

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      Our badge says “Sunbeam 260,” along with the Alpine script. A friend in the same tank battalion I was in, had bought a Tiger the year before, and it had “Tiger” script on the side, white with a black interior so the change occurred sometime in late ’65.

      I had been teasing him about whether he was going to drive or shave with his new purchase until he tossed me his keys and said to take his out on the autobahn! My purchase order followed. (Then the lights failed on way home from Dusseldorf to Mannheim, then the tac failed on PA turnpike, between Bayonne and Michigan.) Jim TE/AE #2403

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