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      Hopefully someone out there can shed some light on a problem that I seem to be having that is other than Lucas equipment. Many years ago, before I had a wife and children, I owned a 1966 Alpine that I had great plans of restoring. During the late ’70’s I collected many parts in preperation for my major project. Alas, then along came marriage, children (at least I did it in the correct order) and somewhere along the line I had to part with the old Alpine. But, I kept a glimmer of hope alive and carefully preserved all of my new and used parts that I had collected. Well, now with the assistance of my son, I have once again joined the ranks of the Sunbeam restorers as the proud owner of a 1966 MK1A. So, finally the question at hand. I have a brand new, 30 year old tonneau cover that was originall purchased to fit my 1966 Series V Alpine. It seems a bit small when I lay it across the cockpit of the MK1A although I certainly know that it must be streached during the installation procedure. I just don’t want to spend countless hours trying to get something to fit that might not be the correct size to begin with. So, can anyone tell me the correct length and width dimensions for an uninstalled tonneau cover for an MK1A?

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      Others in the forum may be able to provide you with a precise answer to your question. But for as long as I’ve been around Sunbeams, I’ve always understood the body dimensions for a 66 Alpine and Tiger to be the same, especially around the cockpit. Therefore, I would think that your tonneau cover should fit. I would hasten to add, though, that 30 year-old vinyl material may have lost it’s ability to “stretch-to-fit” and thus be the source of your problem. I encountered the same problem after I restored my Tiger. No amount of Amour-all or vinyl cream would bring the suppleness back. Getting a new replacement in on my wish list for next driving season.

      Congratulations on your return to Sunbeams and best of luck!

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      Fred,I have a 1966 Series 5 Alpine[which I purchased new trading a 1960 Series 1].I still have the original toneau cover which fits fine.It has been to the shoe repair shop for some restitching but other than that is original.I don’t have the dimensions handy[the car is out on Long Island and I’m now in NYC but I’ll be back out this weekend and can get the dimensions then].I used the cover at the 25th United.As with Camelot it rained only at night and then only once. frank mooney

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      I agree with the other posters – I have two original tonneaus – they seem tight upon 1st inspection. Yo help them fit either set them in the sun or in a warm attic. The heat will help the material stretch and fit. Also stretch in place with the zippers undone first. Also button from dash back and it should fit fine.

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      Hello again, and thanks to all those attempting to help. The problem that I’m having is that my “new” tonneau has never been installed on a Sunbeam, in fact the snaps are not yet installed in the cover. It just seems too small (much more so than age shrinkage). I’m afraid that I have been sold the wrong part some 30 years ago and would like to confirm or deny this as I paln the future of this cover. My tonneau measures roughly (tapemeasure sizes) 57 inches from front to back and 48 inches side to side. It seems by measuring the cockpit of the Tiger that the correct cover should be 60+ inches front to back and 50+ inches side to side. I just don’t want to throw out a brand new (30 year old) cover unless someone can help me confirm (or deny) my suspicions.

      Thanks again,
      Fred Wiesinger

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      Hi Fred
      I will measure my cover when I get home from work. Is this an original cover? Does it have an off-white inner lining? Eric

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      Hello Eric,

      No, in fact it’s not original. I wish I could remember where I ordered this back in the late 70’s but alas, far too much water under the bridge since then. It looks as if it was actually manufactured to order back then because I can see the remains of white chalk marks near some of the seams and where the center zipper ends. There is also a piece of masking tape on the bottom of the cover that has my last name hand printed on it. Again, more facts that lead me to think it was made from some pattern for me, way back when.

      Thanks for your help,

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      Hi Fred
      Bad news I am afraid. I measured my original cover and it measures 63″ long and 53″ wide. Are you sure it was made for a Sunbeam? It may fit a Bugeye Sprite or Midget or who knows? Can you send or post a photo of it? Maybe the shape of it will let someone ID it. Eric

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