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      I’ve got the stock PCV installed on my Series 3 for authenticity. However, even with the Weber carb the idle drops to 900revs when the clutch is depressed and begins to faulter due to the presumably lean mixture.

      I’m strongly considering putting it back to a "vent to nature" setup for reliability.
      (I’ve got my Imp engine vented to a coalescer element into a can and that seems to work pretty well.)

      Comments / suggestions?

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      Apparently, I need a bigger vent. Venting off the tappet cover has produced some blowoff out of the filler cap. The mess ran down the back of the engine. At least its still clean oil. Hmm.

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      Do you have a vent line fitting on the oil filler opening on your valve cover? I think some did and some didn’t. Also what type filler cap do you have? The chrome vented early style? My Harrington was a bad drooler until I changed a few things. Eric

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      I do have the vent line on the filler, but its presently blocked off. The filler cap is a quarter turn type, with the metal spring seal.

      From this weekend’s experience, it will likely need vented from there.

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      You need a vent line on the filler. I put one on mine and the leaking went away!

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