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      More snow today 🙁 … this time the weather folks called it "snow showers". What does that even mean?
      I’ve spent ‘way too much time with the snowblower this winter, yet we’ve got 2 months left. Anyone else tired of the cold & snow?
      (photo is not from today, but you get the idea)

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      I hear you, brother.
      I never run out of things to tinker with in the workshop, but it would be nice to be able to a Sunbeam out for a drive.

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      .. trouble is that our pole barn is unheated – it was a nippy 28 degrees yesterday in there with the cars – that pretty well explains why I don’t usually get any "winter projects" done 🙄
      I’m working on a "better than nothing" insulation installation, but no actual plan for heat (yet).
      Come on, Spring 😀

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      I saw these 2 birds in my backyard this afternoon… not exactly Robins, but can Spring be far behind? 🙄

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