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      After a lengthly restoration, I’m on the verge of getting the Tiger started. Having installed a new wiring harness, I’ve carefully tried to get all the wires on the correct connections. Given that electrical engineering is not my strong suit, I hope that I can get some advice from those with more experience.

      When I connect the battery, the ignition warning light immediately comes on (switch being in OFF position) and the starter solenoid clicks once without engaging the starter. I’ve checked the wiring on the ignition switch and solenoid against the workshop manual wiring diagram and all appears to be correct. Could it be that the solenoid switch is bad? It worked before I tore the Tiger down but that was several years ago. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.

      Randy Zimmermann
      St. Paul, MN

      MkIa (B382002349)

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      Go back over the connections before you let the smoke out of the wires.

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      After a weekend spent under the hood and dash, and with some very helpful advice from some TEAE members, I was able to solve my wiring problems. Now it’s on to firing up the ol’ 260.

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      I was at a car show a while back and was looking at a fine ’56 Chevy. The guy’s photo album documented a beautiful engine bay photo followed by a photo of a burned engine bay with the caption “Always check for fuel leaks before starting the engine for the first time”. Check, double check, triple check and then have someone else come behind you and check a few more times before you fire it for the first time. Good luck with it and happy motoring.

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