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      I spent the weekend at Summit Point crewing for a friend’s Capri GT2 race car. Merlin Miller was there with his outrageous GT2 Tiger. It rained Saturday during qualifying and the Tiger stayed on the trailer rather than take a chance. That meant that he had to start at the back of the field for the Sunday and Monday races. It didn’t matter. The Tiger stormed to the front both days. I wanted to see my friend’s car do well but it was way cool to see the Tiger blast past him.

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      How about a short article for the Rootes Review, and some photos if you have them. We’ll even let you put in one of the Capri, if you’re real nice. 😀

      Fred Baum
      Editor, the Rootes Review

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      Sorry, no photos. It was a busy weekend. Our driver was a novice and there was a lot of head scratching and wrench turning. I’ll work on a couple of things and send them to you. I spent a couple of days last week helping a club member dig his Tiger out of a garage where it has been resting for 20+ years. Hopefully, he will be inspired to finally work on it. He has the time and money and a 2,300 sq. ft. garage at his new house but lacks motivation. He is also a better mechanic than I am. I keep telling him that if I could do it in a tiny garage with a very limited budget, he can do it twice as well in half the time. I’ll send you some photos and commentary on my efforts to bring Keith Porter’s car back to life. I went to a cruise-in last night and the car got it’s fair share of attention. The Chevy guys even like it.

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      Sounds good, always looking for articles, photos or not.


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