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      The question is, What is the screw type used to mount the Tiger Voltage Regulator? Sheet metal or Machine screw and size? We’ve looked at four local unmolested original Tigers. Know one can be sure if the screws have been changed. However. all appear to be the same suggesting their originality.

      We have been unable to remove screws with destruction so do not know the screw type. Does anyone know screw type? That is, Sheetmetal? MachineScrew? Size #?

      The photo below shows screw type that is the same in all four Tigers.

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      James Lindner


        Whewn in doubt…go to the Parts Manual. See image.


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        Robert Rehman

          that is what is in my tiger also,

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          Robert Rehman

            Tom,this is Rob Rehman’s uncle. should have made my comment clearer. The screws in my Tiger voltage reg mount look just like your picture. The car is untouched for the main part and from out west so bolts and screws come out very easily to examine. You may not remember our conversation at Hershey a few years ago but I sure do appreciate the time you took to talk to me. THANKS

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            Duhhhh, I should have looked at the manual like Jim suggested. So it’s a #10 sheetmetal Phillips screw (cross recess) Love the Brits’ terms! The photo identifies the head type which is critical for the purist to identify. Jim, bet you checked your screws !!


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