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      Hi all:

      I have created a web page that shows, in part, the progress of my 66 Tiger from a car that had not been driven since the late 1980’s to its present condition. The first part of the page shows the 3 Alpines and the Tiger clone that I own. Keep scrolling down and you will find the 66 Tiger MkIA. is the site address. from sunny South Dakota, Paul

      Series V w/5 speed
      Series IV Automatic
      Series IV Tiger clone
      MKIA Tiger

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      The work on the Tiger is looking good. 😀 That bright color just wakes you up and makes you happy. Keep us up to date on your progress as the assembly continues.

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      Visited the shop yesterday. Been out of town for a week. The car is now ready for reassembly. The paint is awesome! The color is PPG Lemon Ice. The hardtop is Onxy Black. I’ll have the guys in the shop hang the doors and trunk lid. After I have the 289 and transmission installed they will come over to my house and install the hood for me. If all goes well – it rarely does – I should be on the road with the car by the end of the summer. I’ll keep y’all filled in and will be adding photos to the site.

      from sunny, windy South Dakota


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