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        OK, so im driving along and my right foot sinks to the floor… completely and not becasue i want it to! Car starts slowing,. motor running… yep.. broken throttle cable. Well after thinking for a little bit solution.. the cord from a friends digital camera… got me home and the colour even matched the car.…54462410AKHGTz

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        I had it happen many years ago while pulling out of a toll booth on what was then the CT. Turnpike. Idled to the side of the road, happened to have some picture hanging wire in the car, installed it and the wire worked for four years. I then replaced it with the shifter cable from a 3-speed bicycle.

        Now I have a length of copper wire just in case, I think it’s THHN 12 gauge.

        Fred Baum


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        I used a coat hanger when my very expensive Lokar cable broke. Thru plain dumb luck, the length was perfect and worked as well as the Lokar. I have a new Lokar but still carry the perfect coat hanger with me for the next time it fails.

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        Bud, The coat hanger fix for the broken accelerator cable, is # 1 in my 101 uses for a coat hanger in a Sunbeam. Always, like Always carry a coat hanger in your car. Just like a spare tyre.

        I made the 101 uses list somewhere around the 5th or so United. Since computers were not the rage at the time I never made a computer master and lost my hard copy master. Does anyone have a copy of my list? I’d like to redo it again.

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